15 Underrated K-pop Songs You Should Add On Spotify

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Do you ever listen to a K-pop song that you vibe with and literally it doesn’t get half the views that a comeback song gets? If you’re nodding your head then…

Yes, same!

I felt inspired to write this article because I’m getting tired of seeing some amazing songs get little to no recognition. Hopefully, this article will do it justice!

Now, I want to toss it out there that my list will contain a combination of popular artists and hidden gems. I strongly believe that just because an artist is popular it doesn’t mean EVERY song that they release will have equal recognition.

Realistically, not every song on an album will have it’s time to shine.

So let’s dive into this list and remember, you can find all of these songs on Spotify! Just click the links.

  1. Dispatch by HEIZE ft Simon Dominic

The first 5 songs that I chose are what I like to call “the vibe and mood” songs. These songs will really get you in the mood if you’re drinking red wine on a Saturday night. Don’t believe me? Give these songs a try and look up the lyrics!

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Photo by Maryna Yazbeck on Unsplash
  1. Black Tinkerbell by Chocolat

These next 5 songs are what I like to call the “upbeat and youthful feel” songs. I would say young adults and teens tend to gravitate towards these artists because of the way that they sound. Now of course, a song is a song so if you vibe with it then you vibe it! It really doesn’t matter what your age is because all of these artists are at least over 18 years old.

Now the reason why I added them to my list was because they are underrated or as I like to call it “under appreciated.” In fact, one of the groups has already disbanded on this list. It really sucks because they had potential to succeed if they stuck around longer.

  1. Kick It by BLACKPINK

The last 5 songs are what I like to call the “a little bit of everything” list. This was where I had to dig in my archive to find the most underrated songs. I didn’t want to share the same artist twice so I had to really think about the songs that I was going to share on this list.

As you can probably tell, there’s definitely a combination of popular and not-so-popular artists on the list! This is where I mentioned in the beginning that just because someone is popular, it doesn’t mean every song that they release is popular too.

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