24 Hours

Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash

In 24 hours

I will have the power

To overturn the hate that’s in this world.

I will fly high,

Open my two brown eyes

Save the people in my sight

In 24 hours

I will see nothing but the shine

No darkness in this hour

I have the power

to bring light

into my life

In 24 hours

I will eat the best food

Sweet, savory, salty

Nothing sour.

Anything that gives me power

In 24 hours

I will close my eyes and meditate

Sink into my thoughts

Maybe I’ll levitate

In 24 hours

I’ll walk down the stray, empty, and unfamiliar path

With my two strong feet

I will feel powerful

and I won’t feel defeat…

In 24 hours

I will lie on my bed

Cozy up in the thick white blanket

No distractions

Just me and my thoughts

Inside my head

In 24 hours

I will wake up in peace

After unlimited sleep

I’ll conquer the world

I will soar far and high

Be the best version I can be

Reset the clock

And repeat…

to her inner strength

© 2020 Jen Eve. All Rights Reserved

Written by

Portfolio: www.jenniferls.com 📇✍🏻🗂

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