October 2020 Curated Reading List

Issue #1

Welcome to a brand new series where I share a monthly curation of my most popular and unpopular stories on Medium. Along with a reading list, I also share a short reflection on the month too. If you would like to follow this series, please follow me at (Jennifer S.)!

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October 2020:

I’m excited to share this new series with you all because I’m curious to know which stories performed the best and the worst in one month. By curating my stories, it helps my followers find my “best of the best” stories or my “hidden gem” stories.

Furthermore, October was a pretty exciting month for me because it was my first month on Medium! I didn’t know what to expect on the platform so I just wrote whatever felt right at the moment. To my surprise, there’s seem to be a hidden K-pop fandom on this platform haha.

Also, I didn’t think my unpopular stories or “hidden gems” would perform the worst! I was expecting them to perform the best. So, I guess the whole takeaway that I got from October was: Don’t expect success on any stories because success comes at the most random time or this case, the most random stories.

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