BLACKPINK’s “Crazy Over You” Meaning & Review

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Today, we’re talking about “Crazy Over You” from BLACKPINK’s new album.

I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to like “Crazy Over You.” It had a different vibe compared to “Lovesick Girls,” “Ice Cream,” and “How You Like That.”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was really feeling this song at first because of the outro. It totally threw me off. So after a couple of listens I think the outro made a lot of sense to me.

Like, it’s almost the build up of “crazy” and intense emotions when someone is in love. Maybe I’m overthinking the meaning but the instrumental with the lyrics makes me get that vibe a lot.

In my humble opinion, “Crazy Over You” reminds me of “Boombayah.” I don’t know if that was the approach BP and their producers were going for but it definitely gave me that vibe.

Next, the instrumental gave me a South Asian, Arabic, and East Asian feel. I know that’s a very general explanation but most people can agree that the instrumental isn’t strictly from just one part of the world. It sounds very diverse and influenced by multiple cultures.

What Does This Song Mean?

I feel like this song has multiple meanings of being “crazy” over someone. Crazy in this context can be seen as “intense” emotions. Like you’re so in love with them that the emotions are intense and almost possessive. Especially with Jennie’s part in the first verse you get the, you are mine and only mine vibe.

At the same time this song is clearly influenced by the theme of love. So crazy can also mean, “I’m really vibing and feeling this energy.” So they’re basically saying I’m really feeling this person and I better shoot my shot.

Which now that I think about it, the roles are reversed where the girls are hitting on the guy. The part where I got that idea from was through Jisoo and Rosé. They said:

I saw you
And knew what I was trying to do
I had to play it real, real smooth
And once I finally made my move

Then we have another part where Rosé is basically saying, I’m obsessed with you and until you get some of this, you’re not going to understand how crazy my love is for you. Once you understand, you’ll be obsessed with me.

Which she basically mentions in this part:

Swear once you get a taste
You gon’ take my place
And you’ll love me crazy

Furthermore, the main reason why this song gave me multiple meanings of “crazy” was because of the outro. When Lisa said:

I’ma be mad ’til you get me back in them arms

That’s basically where the song ends when the girls are at the highest of craziness and obsession for this person’s.

And remember how I said there’s a build up with this song? You can definitely feel it in the outro and that’s why I think the producers intentionally added that particular outro.

… And now I’m crazy and obsessed with this! Anyone else agree? haha.

So, what did you think of my interpretation of this song? Do you have your own ideas on what this song can mean? Remember, this was just my opinion and personal thoughts!

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