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Ladies and gentlemen, one of the hottest K-pop artists has made a comeback. She’s definitely receiving some good attention and I had to dissect her song because I’m obsessed with it! Today, we’re diving into CL’s new song, “+HWA+.”

Before we talk about the meaning of the song, let’s dive into the music itself. If you know anything about CL, then you’ll know that she’s one hell of a rapper. Her style of rapping is what I like to call “the classic YG Entertainment” sound. In this particular part, I’m talking about her past when she was still part of YG Entertainment.

So, YG’s rap style is definitely influenced by western rappers. If you noticed her former label mates G-Dragon, T.O.P, Lisa, and Mino all have a similar style of rapping. Of course, they all stand out as individuals and they have their own flavor too, but you can tell that it screams YG.

Furthermore, this song has a little bit of a dance and “swag” feel to it, which is exactly what you would expect from CL. It’s one of those “baddie” songs that makes you feel powerful and good inside. You can tell CL was feeling herself when she wrote this song and she’s fully embracing her new endeavor as a solo artist.

Next, CL is very fashionable, so of course, everybody anticipated some wild fashion from CL. Trust me, I was blown away by how beautiful and powerful she looked in the music video. Even I had to rewind some parts to take a good look at her outfits.

What Does This Song Mean?

According to CL, her new song “HWA” marks a new beginning to her solo career and it’s a milestone to her identity as CL. Automatically, it reminds me of the end scene in the music video when CL sat around the fire pit. I feel that represents her “burning” her past away so she can start a new beginning.

To continue, CL expressed that “HWA” has a double meaning but I guess in this context it means “you put everything in one place.” So, I did a little bit of searching and digging on the word “Hwa.”

According to WordHippo, Hwa has multiple meanings like flower, anger, disaster, and bloom. So, if you think back to the music video, it makes sense why CL was holding a flower and why there was fire in the music video.

If we take a look into the lyrics, you see that CL sprinkles in a little bit of a diss towards her haters. She’s showing them that she’s back in the music scene and it’s going to be hard to get rid of her. It’s almost like she’s saying that this is just the beginning of all the powerful things that she can do as a solo artist.

Lyrics via Genius:

It’s a fire, I burn this stage
It’s water, I wake you up from asleep
It’s a knife, it cuts when you come close to me
Beebum, learn if you do well
Haters gon hate I never change my attitude
Envy and jealousy are the shadow of success
C to the L The mother of Korean culture
You just can’t see the shadow, me is zero (Never)

If you noticed, CL constantly says, “The rose of Sharon flowers bloomed” in the song. So, I did a little bit of research on this flower and this is what I found:

According to Garden Guides, the rose of Sharon isn’t a literal rose but a Hibiscus flower that represents “delicate beauty.” So, if we think about it in the context of this song, I feel this was CL’s way of saying that she’s ready to bloom in different ways that others haven’t seen her bloom before. It’s going to be beautiful and delicate like a flower but powerful like a fire too.

And maybe that’s why the song is called “Hwa” because you’re seeing multiple sides of CL.

Disclaimer: This review was based on my personal opinions and it was written for entertainment purposes.

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