December 2020 Curated Reading List

Welcome back to another monthly curation of my most popular and unpopular stories on Medium. Along with a reading list, I also share a short reflection on everything that happened in December too. If you would like to follow this series, please follow me at (Jen Eve!)

December 2020:

Happy New Year! Can you all believe it’s already 2021?

I’m assuming some of us have a number of goals that we’re hoping to achieve this year. So, let’s try to make this year the best that it can be!

So, December was an interesting month because I didn’t write as much on Medium as I’ve wanted to write. It was the holiday season, writer’s block, and me working on my blog that took up most of my time.

The crazy thing was…I made the most money in December.

I never thought I would reach my goal (and more) in as little as 3 months. It goes to show that quality stories and dedication to writing will take you far on Medium.

I’m also happy to share that a handful of my stories got curated in December. I never thought my stories were good enough to be curated. So, I’m extremely thankful that my stories got the extra exposure.

On top of that, I became a Top Writer in Fashion and Art too. It still feels really weird to say that because I didn’t see it coming. Again, I didn’t think I was a good enough writer to get that kind of recognition.

Maybe it’s time for me to have more confidence in myself and realize my true potential as a writer, right?

Overall, December taught me that miracles come when it wants to come. Also, if you’re curious about something and you want to write about it, just go for it and write about it! I didn’t think that my fashion series would take off and now all four of my fashion stories got curated. It shows that sometimes you have to experiment and play around with some ideas before you get some recognition for your work.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy my reading list down below. Let’s make the start of 2021 a good one! Cheers to the New Year!

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