‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Characters Names Revealed

Their last names sound equally as powerful as “Archibald, van der Woodsen, and Waldorf.”

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As you all know, I’m one of the many fans who’s super excited for the new Gossip Girl “reboot.”

When I discovered that they finally revealed their character’s name, of course, I had to write a story about it!

What a great way to start the new year, right?

Cast, Characters, and Characteristics

Earlier this morning, Gossip Girl (IG) released the character’s names. I’m assuming the words that are stated next to their names are what their characters represent.

So, before I share my thoughts, here’s a quick recap of every character that Gossip Girl (IG) has shared so far:

Jordan Alexander: Julien Calloway — Influence

Savannah Smith: Monet de Haan — Power

Zion Moreno: Luna La — Style

Thomas Doherty: Max Wolfe — Freedom

Emily Alind: Audrey Hope — Grace

Tavi Gevinson: Kate Keller — Ambition

Eli Brown: Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV — Privilege

Evan Mock: Akeno “Aki” Menzies — Innocence

Whitney Peak: Zoya Lott — Perspective

Based on what I see so far, I can already tell that this version of Gossip Girl will steer down a new direction compared to the OG show.

What I mean is you’ll get a familiar feeling when you’re watching Gossip Girl because the characters fall in the same universe. I’m assuming the style of the show won’t be too far off from the original show.

However, the storyline may be different compared to with the original TV show.I think this show will focus on the difference in social statuses and how all of these characters contribute to the toxicity of social media, rumors, and gossips.

In my opinion, The OG version talked about the same thing but I think their focus was more on power and status. Whereas this version is sort of releasing a veil between the rich and the poor.

Thoughts & Theories


If we’re solely just looking at their names, I’m already getting massive Gossip Girl vibes with Savannah and Eli’s character. Their last names sound equally as powerful as “Archibald, van der Woodsen, and Waldorf.”


I won’t attempt to match these characters up because I need to watch the trailer first. Since there’s going to be more queer content and (most likely) Gossip Girl’s super messy love triangles, I won’t even dive into the potential match up (LOL).

Knowing how Gossip Girl works, there’s a high chance that all of them will eventually date each other. So, I’ll wait for the next few updates on the show before I attempt to uncover who’s going to date who and/or romantically link to who.

However, I already have a few characters in mind that I feel would make a good “match” with each other. Once again, I’m basing all of this on looks, not on personality.

The Focus

Once again, if we’re just basing off looks, I think the story will (somewhat) revolve around Audrey. I don’t know if Gossip Girl (IG) purposely release the images in a particular order but that’s the vibe I’m getting from just looking at the images.

It’s similar to Serena van der Woodsen when she randomly disappears and everybody tries to figure out what happened to her. That’s the exact energy that I’m getting from Audrey Hope.


Now that I’m seeing this show come together, I’m pretty excited for the trailer. Of course, the question that we’re all dying to know is…will this “reboot” / “continuation” of the story be equally as good as the OG show? So far, I’m not doubting the show at all. I see the major influences that the original Gossip Girl has with this reboot.

Show Updates

As of January 1st, we have no updates on when the show will be aired on HBO Max. However, many fans are speculating that it’s more towards the latter half of 2021. Also, Kirstin Bell will be coming back as the voice of Gossip Girl (via iHeartRadio).

When more information comes out, I’ll share more thoughts and theories on the TV show. Happy New Year!

**remember this story was based on my personal opinions***

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Portfolio: www.jenniferls.com 📇✍🏻🗂

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