How to Get Good Grades in College?

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I know what most people are thinking: “C’s get degrees!”

And yes, to some extent that is very true! After college you may or may not need to look at your grades anymore.

However, I think it’s good to set some goals in school. It’s not a bad thing if you want to do well in your classes.

And…I’m going to be honest, it felt amazing to earn my honors chord in community college and my honor society chord at uni. It felt even cooler when I saw that my GPA was over a 3.50 in community college and uni.

So, if your goal is to get good grades in college, here are some easy tips that you can try:

1. Learn Your Professor’s Grading Style

Every professor has their own rules and regulations. It’s important that you follow their instructions so you can get the best grade(s) as possible. If you play the game right, you will get good grades. I always saw each of my college classes as a game because each game has their own rules. No game is the same but if you want to win, you have to play the game right.

2. Know Your Study Style

Are you a visual, auditory, or verbal learner? Do you have a combination of study styles for a particular class? There are many ways to study and learn new material and those were just a few examples that came into mind.

For me, I’m a visual and verbal learner. I didn’t know I was that kind of learner until I went to college. When I started to understand myself and my study style more, I saw a huge improvement in my grades. I did half of the work that I used to do because I tweaked my study style.

3. Study Smarter Not Harder

A few years ago, my Communication professor gave my class some tips on how we can do APA style easily. No joke, she literally showed us an APA template from Microsoft Word that I never knew existed.

It blew my mind.

I swear, I was 4 years into college and I never knew there was an APA template on Microsoft Word. (BTW, I went to college for 5 years).

So, I’m going to say the same thing to you that my professor said to my class: Study smarter not harder. There are resources out there, just go out there, look for them, and get them. I promise, you’ll be equally as mind blown as me if you knew how easy it was to get the resources that you need to pass your class(es).

Hint, hint: Start with your professor

4. Lofi Music

I don’t know what it was about lofi music that helped me a lot in my senior year. I always had it playing in the background whenever I was studying. So, if you’re someone who needs background noise, I hope you give this playlist a try!

5. Rate My Professor

This tip is a given so I’ll get straight to the point: If you want to get good grades in college take the “easy” professor.

Now, “easy” doesn’t always mean you’re putting zero effort in your classes. It just means that the material will be explained better, there’s more opportunities to do well in the class, and your professor tends to be lenient.

6. Take Classes That Actually Interest You

You can most definitely take the basic U.S history course to fulfill your GE requirement but why not take the philosophy course? It meets the same requirements, right? What I’m trying to say here is have fun in college and take some memorable courses! It’s your experience anyway so you might as well have some fun with your classes.

7. Rewrite Your Notes

Personally, it helps me organize my thoughts and it makes studying easier for me. I take that time to put everything into “easier to understand” terms. I felt like when I didn’t rewrite my notes, I was overwhelmed and confused. Also, you’ll most likely have to look at your notes when you study for your exam. Why not make your life easier by rewriting it so you can skim through it faster?

8. Read the Syllabus

I saved the easiest tip for last because it’s literally the KEY to your success. Your syllabus will tell you everything you need to pass the class. It has the grade breakdown, percentage, and/or points for each assignment. It tells you what textbooks you need and don’t need. I swear, my grades were better when I focused my energy on the right things that helped my grades the most.

I got this tip from MedBros on YouTube. I highly encourage you to watch this video if you want more elaboration on this tip and more study advice.

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