“LazyBaby” by Dove Cameron Meaning & Review

Lazy baby, I ain’t playin’ (Huh), Time to get up (Ooh-ooh), Ain’t measuring up (Ooh-ooh) — Dove Cameron

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One song that’s been playing nonstop in my playlist is “LazyBaby” by Dove Cameron. If you haven’t listened to this disco-pop song yet then you should 100% check it out.

So before we dive into the full review and meaning of the song, let’s talk a little about Dove Cameron.

Dove Cameron is a successful actress who did most of her acting on the Disney Channel. I’m sure some of you have heard of Liv and Maddie and Descendants 1–3.

We can assume she’s making her way around other networks and acting opportunities as she’s working on some new projects.

In 2021, she’s rumored to play Bubbles in a live adaptation of the PowerPuff Girls. She’s also appearing on other television shows too.

Now that we have a general idea of who Dove Cameron is, let’s talk about her new song “LazyBaby.”

Background on “LazyBaby”

The songwriters behind this song are Dove Cameron, Jonas Jeberg, Marcus Lomax, and Melanie Joy Fontana. The producer of the song is Jonas Jeberg.

According to Cameron, “LazyBaby” is not a malicious and hateful song, rather it’s a breakthrough song. Genius users also describe this song as a “Bad Bitch Anthem” that centers on a woman who’s not settling for a guy who’s giving her “lazy” love.

If you’re not going to give it your all, then why stick around?

According to MSN Entertainment, Cameron shared that this song was inspired by her break-up with her former boyfriend (2021).

So, we can assume she’s sprinkling in some of her personal experiences in the song too. Which is pretty typical for any song that revolves around love.

What Does “LazyBaby” Mean?

According to Dove Cameron, this song is meant to be taken lightheartedly. It’s supposed to be funny. If you watched the music video, then you probably caught her winking and laughing throughout the video.

Furthermore, this song is about putting yourself first in a relationship when you need to do it. It talks about self-love and understanding when it’s time to say bye to a relationship.

She explained:

This song is actually about STILL loving someone, but making the decision to put yourself first when you know you need to wipe away your tears, clean out all their stuff from your apartment and give yourself all the love you had been giving to them.” (qtd from Dork, 2021)

Another thing I wanted to add about “LazyBaby” is this song also talks about knowing your self-worth. At the beginning of the song, she said:

I got way too many options
To be over here

This is telling me that she’s not going to settle for someone who’s giving her lazy love when she has many options to choose from.

She’s also realizing that she deserves better. Even if she still has so much love for this person, she has to do what’s best for her situation.

I think what makes this song so powerful is she’s not (necessarily) dissing anyone in the song. Rather, she’s realizing where her priority should be in the relationship.

Once again, this song was about an ex-lover. So, we can assume she dropped a few hints of how she felt during the relationship. Again, I’m not getting the vibes that she’s dissing anyone in the song. I think it’s a lighthearted and fun song that we all should hear after a break-up.

In my opinion, I treated this song like a friend who’s hyping me up to live my life again. You don’t necessarily need to go through a break-up to listen to this song. I feel like anyone who’s feeling down can get some good vibes from “LazyBaby.”

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