“Fleets” On Twitter — Hit or a Miss?

Fleets…Tweets…Get it?

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It’s been roughly 24 hours since Twitter launched “Fleets.” Fleets are basically the equivalent of Snapchat and Instagram Stories. It’s basic, easy to use, and definitely a unique addition to Twitter.

I mean, did anyone see it coming that Twitter was going to add their own version of stories? Some say yes, others say no. I’m quite surprised but I’m not shocked that Twitter would eventually jump on the bandwagon.

However, can it stand the test of time and impress its users? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Fleets.

The Pros:

  • It’s a great way to share your tweets because sometimes your timeline can be cluttered. So, having Fleets can help your followers see recent content that you share on your feed.
  • It’s a great way to showcase news, promotions, and music releases. We’ve already seen Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more celebrities use it to promote their upcoming projects.
  • It’s incredibly basic and super easy to use. I promise you’ll get the hang of Fleets the moment you use it. Once again, it’s equivalent to Instagram stories and Snapchat.
  • You can change the colors of your text and background. I appreciate that because it’s all about the mood, right?
  • If someone deleted a Fleets, the person who shared their tweet will be notified that the original author had deleted the tweet (that was a mouthful haha). I tested it out on myself twice when I removed two tweets from my timeline. I instantly got a notification that said: Your Fleet contains a Tweet that was deleted by the Tweet author.
  • ALT text is a huge pro because it will make the web or in this case, Fleets will be legible for blind users.
  • Your Fleet(s) will disappear after 24-hours. This is a pro and con for some users.

The Cons:

  • Compared to Instagram and Snapchat, it’s really basic and it’s a little bit boring. You don’t have filters, a variety of fonts, or a unique way to make your “Fleets” stand out from the crowd.
  • Apparently, some people are seeing more explicit content than they want to on Fleets. I don’t know if Twitter is fine with explicit content or if people can block that on their Fleets. However, I did see a handful of users complain about it so it must be a concern to some extent.
  • You can tag people who you blocked and the person who was blocked can tag you in a “Fleets” too. Many users have expressed that it’s a safety concern that Twitter should fix asap.
  • People can share someone else’s tweets on their Fleets and the original owner won’t be notified. Once again, this is a concern that users have expressed on Twitter.
  • You can’t save your Fleets, so it’s going to be there for 24-hours then it’s gone.

The Verdict?:

Honestly, I see potential in Fleets and I find it to be very useful. I said a few years ago that if Twitter added stories, I would 100% be on board with it because that’s the only active feature that I use on IG. So, it would be a miracle if Twitter had its own version of stories.

However, I’m a little bit underwhelmed because I wanted more out of Fleets. At the same time, I’m aware that it’s new to the platform and many changes still need to be made for it to improve through time. If they want to “outshine” Instagram and Snapchat they definitely need to make some changes.

BTW: I had an old Twitter account where I was super active a few years ago. That account has since been removed until recently when I remade my account.

What Do I Want to See?:


I want a place to share my links on Fleets. Apparently, a user needs 10K followers to share links on Instagram. I was never fully on board with that rule, so I hope Fleets will add a place for links and it will be accessible to all of their users.

Next, I wouldn’t mind if they added a music section and a Q&A box. I find those features on IG to be useful for Twitter users. Last but definitely not least, safety concerns should be the main priority of their next update too.

Other than that, I see potential in Fleets and I hope Twitter will make the necessary changes to improve it.

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Portfolio: www.jenniferls.com 📇✍🏻🗂

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