“Gossip Girl” Reboot Details

We might not physically see them on the show but expect some sort of involvement in other ways.

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I’m so excited that my favorite TV show of all time is having a reboot. Although I’m a little bit concerned that it might not live up to the original series, I’m still going to be optimistic about the new show!

I mean…it got me excited enough to write a whole story on it, right?!

Is Gossip Girl Really a “Reboot”?

According to the creators of the show, the Gossip Girl reboot is not exactly a “reboot.” Rather, it’s a continuation of the Gossip Girl story where these characters live in the same world as the OG characters.

That means we can expect a completely new storyline and characters from the show. In my opinion, that’s way better than having a reboot because Gossip Girl ended on a cliff hanger. So, we all knew that Gossip Girl wasn’t exactly “over” yet and that the story would eventually continue.

What Should We Expect From the Reboot?

Screenwriter Joshua Safran expressed that there wasn’t enough representation from the first show. So, we can expect more diverse characters in the reboot. Also, there’s going to be more queer content compared to the original Gossip Girl.

From what I saw on Twitter, there’s definitely more diversity in ethnicity and culture in the new line up. I’m especially interested in Evan Mock because he’s representing the Pacific Island and Asian community. (BTW, I’m Asian so I’m always on the lookout for Asian-related characters on TV haha).

According to HighSnobiety, Evan Mock is from Hawai’i and he’s half Filipino. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s definitely spunky, extroverted, and he has pink hair. In my opinion, this is great to see because there’s not a lot of Pacific Island and Asian main characters on TV. I’m curious to see what kind of storyline he’ll have on the show.

Overall, I love the line-up and I think it’s cool that it’s vastly different compared to the original TV show. Also, knowing how Gossip Girl works, there’s probably going to be more characters added throughout the show. So, there’s hope for even more diversity in culture and sexuality in the future.

Furthermore, Safran said we can expect to see how the world looks now through wealth and privilege. It’s going to be vastly different compared to the OG show. I’m assuming it has something to do with rising of social media and other forms of social networks that the original Gossip Girl didn’t have.

Apparently, there’s going to be a huge twist on the show. For obvious reasons, Safran didn’t reveal too much about the twist but we can definitely expect it on the show.

Will the OG Cast Have a Comeback?

Multiple sources have claimed that the OG cast won’t be on the show. However, Blair, Serena, Nate, and Dan will be involved in the storyline whether they choose to be part of the new series or not.

So, we might not physically see them on the show but expect some sort of involvement in other ways.

Also, the producers and writers have reached out to the OG cast about the reboot. Some were thrilled about the reboot while others had some opinions on the reboot.

The possibilities are endless on whether they’ll make an appearance or not. However, I have a feeling that at least Blair, Serena, or Dan will make a short comeback.

My Overall Thoughts:

I’m excited about the reboot but I really hope the show goes beyond my expectations. I want to see quality episodes that remind me of the OG Gossip Girl. I want drama, excitement, messy romance, high fashion, and everything in between!

Most importantly, I’m curious to know if their romance line can be just as good as Chuck and Blair. So I’m crossing my fingers for the best and I can’t wait to watch the reboot in 2021!

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