Lonely Girl

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Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

She ran out of the classroom

As anger poured out of her.

She looked up at the ceiling

Tears running down her face,

She swore the ceiling looked out of place.

One friend tapped her shoulder…

Happiness filled inside of her,

A single teardrop of joy,

As this friend was the only one

…who checked up on her.

The next day,

there wasn’t much to say

as all of them turned their backs on her

Cackling, giggling, and rolling their eyes

She let out a sigh,

Sat alone and said

Someday they’ll pay…

But not today,

There’s much work that needs to be done

Before you can run away

from this pain…

Keep going, keep working,

You have a lot to gain

I promise…

someday you’ll smile again”

to the lonely girl who’s no longer lonely

© 2020 Jen Eve. All Rights Reserved

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