My Top 10 Stories in 2020

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language…And next year’s words await another voice.” ― T.S. Eliot

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I don’t know about you but I’m so happy that I’ve made it to the end of 2020. This was the first year in my life where I had the most twists and turns.

Dare I say I will not miss 2020.

However, this is not to say that 2020 was not a year full of good memories.

From taking a leap of faith in freelance writing and becoming my own boss to discovering my new purpose in life, 2020 has changed my life in ways I never thought it would have changed.

If I can give one advice to anyone who’s afraid to take a leap of faith. I would say: Don’t be afraid of taking risks because if you are afraid, you are limiting yourself to some amazing opportunities.

The reality is you may not enjoy everything that you do to achieve your goals in one year.

However, when you finish a task or jump over an obstacle, you will be thankful that you didn’t quit. You’ll be thankful that you took a risk.

After this (short) motivational talk, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share my top 10 popular stories on Medium throughout 2020.

This is a reminder that in 2020 I achieved many things on Medium. Even if they were small milestones, I am still happy that I accomplish them and I’m motivated to continue this growth.

Also, this is a reminder that just because 2020 was a weird year, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a meaningful year. How meaningful was 2020 for you? I would love to know!

As of December 27, 2020: My top 10 stories from 2020 (based on views) is…




Seven. This YSL story was my first fashion history story that got curated. I’m so thankful that this story took off and it gained as much love as it did. It’s one of my favorite stories that I wrote in November. 😄






One. Of all the stories that I shared today, this one makes me happy because it was my first story that hit 1K views! As of December 2020, it has over 1.3K views. ☺️

This (might) be my last story of the year. If it ends up being that way then I wish everybody a wonderful New Year celebration! Let’s make 2021 a memorable year.

I’ll see you all in January! Cheers! 🥂

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