Taemin “Black Rose” (Feat. Kid Milli) Review & Meaning

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One of the first songs from Taemin’s album that caught my attention was “Black Rose.” I can’t believe I waited this long to write a review and meaning post on this song.

First, let’s talk about the rapper Kid Milli. I’ve actually never heard of him before until I stumbled upon this song. In my opinion, if you’re someone who likes a fast tempo, Drake-like, vibe then you’re going to love Kid Milli a lot. He brought lots of energy and life into this song. I feel like that’s why the song started off with his rap.

Then we go to Taemin’s part where his voice seriously sounds like butter. It’s so smooth, sexy, and full of passion. Even though I didn’t know what the song was about, I knew the type of emotion he was trying to convey. It was dark, almost resentful, but still very forgiving at the same time. It definitely has a sprinkle of sensuality and sexiness to the song.


1. Black Rose Meaning

According to Arena Flowers, the black rose has multiple meanings like hatred, death, and despair. Other times it can mean, tragic romance, revenge, dark soul, and everything that a white rose doesn’t represent.

So if you think about it, the song definitely depicts that type of energy and style. Even without looking up the lyrics, I knew this song had a lot of darker themes about love compared to his other song “Just Me And You.”

2. What Does This Song Mean?

The vibe that I’m getting from this song is this fictional guy (or it could be Taemin) can’t see his lover anymore. The only way for him to see her is through his imagination and/or dreams. I feel like she brought some sort of light into his life.

When your two hands cover my eyes, that’s okay
The day becomes night and the night becomes day
That’s okay
You’ve got all my lights and make my eyes blind
At the end of the day, the time we stood facing each other

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Then we go to Taemin’s part where he consistently mentions the word “dream.” So, it’s pretty clear that he’s talking about a never ending dream because he doesn’t see this girl in real life. Maybe this relationship is no longer a thing, so the only way he can see this girl is literally through his dreams.

Afterwards, Taemin mentions a few times that this girl lied to him. She (probably) claimed that their love will last forever but it doesn’t. Then this black rose keeps reappearing and it keeps scratching his heart. Even though the petals are falling, the black rose keeps blooming again. I’m interpreting this part as Taemin keeps experiencing pain with this girl as if they’re in a never ending toxic relationship.

3. Overall…

I think the meaning of the song is Taemin fell in love with a girl who keeps hurting him. In some sense, he’s allowing her to hurt him because he’s so in love with her. For all I know, this relationship is gone and their memories with each other are fading away. Maybe that’s why he can only see her in his dreams because he doesn’t want all of their memories to disappear?

He’s also aware of all the pain that’s caused in the relationship and maybe at some point he was fine with it, but as you continue to read the lyrics, it’s almost like he’s saying it’s a nightmare dating this girl but there’s something about her that keeps him wanting more of her.

Maybe that’s why he ended the song with:

“Even if you get farther away
I’ll see you in my dream
In my dream
Black rose… “

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